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The Low Volume, High Efficiency Method of Training That Allows You to Run FASTER and FARTHER, While Training LESS!

Combat Fitness has helped THOUSANDS of tactical athletes prepare for some of the most demanding challenges that humans can endure.

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About Combat Fitness

A Culture of Fitness, Excellence, and Nothing But Winners.

Live to Fight.

At Combat Fitness, we produce High Performance Tactical Athletes. Over the last four years, we have trained tens of thousands of athletes, many of whom have gone on to do some of the hardest military special forces selections in the world, serve active duty or law enforcement, fire/rescue, as well of civilians looking to improve fitness for other reasons.

We have created hyper-efficient training systems, designed for those who need the most out of their bodies at all times.


What you'll learn...

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Secret #1:

The Exact Formula

Used by high performing tactical athletes like Navy Seals to achieve speed and endurance levels far greater than most athletes can imagine.

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Secret #2:

The Overlooked Mistakes

That all too often keep most people from EVER becoming a faster runner. PLUS how you can avoid them entirely!

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Secret #3:

The #1 "Mixed Interval" System

That you need to flick to ensure your running and training is as efficient as possible.

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And many more...

All of the Secrets

That we’ve used to train thousands tactical athletes for the world's most difficult selections such as BUD/S, SWCC, and Ranger School..

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A New way of training


In this webinar, we will show you the exact training structure we have developed and used on thousands of athletes, so that you can run less, and improve more.


We have developed this formula, and evolved it into a science over the last several years.

It has now been tested on and successfully used by thousands of athletes.

We have taken athletes' mile times under 6 minutes, we have helped athletes shave 10 minutes off a 10km time in one month, helped people recovering from weight gain and working back to running just one mile, we've trained athletes for marathons, special forces selections, law enforcement PT tests, Ironman triathlons and much more.

Let's be honest... Running sucks.

Getting out the door every single day,

When it's cold and dark.

The feeling of shin splints raging through your legs...

Feeling your upper body mass deteriorate, thinking:

"I hope I don't start to look like a runner"...

All the while, you're still not getting faster.

This is quite literally the worst way of training.

We would rather do a 90 minute HIIT workout in gas masks every day,

Than ever go back to that system.

And that's saying a LOT.

Lucky for you,


We get the struggle, because that was us.

A few years ago, we got so fed up with that loop of;

Running, Injury/Exhaustion, Lack of Improvement, Repeat...

That we finally thought the classic "there must be a better way",

And we got to work... solving our problem:

What if instead of focusing on training VOLUME..

We focused on training EFFICIENCY.

Rather than running X amount of miles or hours,

We just focused on the QUALITY of our training.

So we reduced our training volume to almost zero,

And instead did just a few SHORT runs per week.

And what we found was crazy...

Not only did we not LOSE any running performance,

But we were actually improving at a faster rate than ever.

This program is the culmination of our work and our findings,

Scaled to a program systematically optimized for the standard 5 mile distance.

Using our secret "mixed interval" system, you will notice your paces improve rapidly,

While only running a few short sessions a week

leaving plenty of time for cross-training and recovery.

This is the ultimate solution.

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